Supportive Services

Hearts of The Homeless provides a safe refuge, nutritious meals, personal care, tangible aid, and access to case management to homeless women or at risk of becoming homeless. The continuum of care consists of a range of housing and client driven supportive services designed to enable each women to identify her needs, develop a plan of action, to become self-sufficient. Among the assistance offered is housing counseling and search assistance, vocational counseling, educational and training assistance, and help to coordinate and obtain mainstream benefits.

Case Management is provided by Service Coordinators who are responsible for providing supportive services and connecting participants to main stream services such as “SOAR” SAMHSA's SSI/SSDI Outreach Access and Recovery. (SOAR) is an approach that helps states increase access to mainstream benefits for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Housing Resource Coordinator help with the process of looking for Permanent housing and Permanent supportive housing as part of the continuum of care,  working with community organizations to identify available options for either public/private housing or openly supported housing programs.

Aftercare Coordinator will follow up with supportive services as needed. Supportive Services which help promote housing stability, increased skill level, income, and greater self-determination. Supportive service addresses the women’s individual special needs.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction is a major cause of homelessness. The shelter operates an in-house recovery program in collaboration with community programs with the goal of helping clients adopt a more stable lifestyle without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Life skills workshops lead by staff and volunteers to help women develop and implement the life skills they need to become self-sufficient.

The Job Readiness program assists clients in the areas of employment readiness, career planning, job search tools, resume preparation, educational and vocational training and referrals, and employment maintenance. Clients have access to computers, email addresses, and classes to help with the job search via the Internet.

The Computer Café a (coffee house setting) in our Day Shelter offers women a place to eat stay out of the elements, look for housing, and  apply for mainstream benefits.  Access to computers, email addresses, and classes to help with the job search via the Internet,

Health Care Is right around the corner at Alma Illery which offers a free health clinic for the homeless. Shelter client are encouraged to undergo a health screening shortly after their initial intake. Medical-related referrals are made as needed.

Street Outreach In an effort to bring homeless individuals in off of the streets, dedicated case managers and members of the Homeless Outreach go out into the community and inform homeless individuals (and persons at imminent risk for homelessness) about the services available to them.

 The Continuum of Care is developed through:

  •  Prevention
  • Outreach, intake assessment
  • Emergency shelter
  • Transitional housing
  • Permanent Housing
  • Permanent supportive housing
  • Supportive services
  • Life skills
  • And collaboration with community partners.









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